barking neighbor dogs

First off, becoming  mother has made me realize that for most of my life I have valued SLEEP (preferably 7-8 hours a night, thanks) as an inalienable right. On an infinitely higher level than any other claims I think I should have, like access to clean drinking water or universal health care.

Sleep, give me SLEEP!

And it is no secret that falling all over myself for dogs really isn’t my jam. It probably doesn’t take much effort to imagine just how quickly my temper goes through the roof (rest assured, it’s warp speed) whenever a neighbor dog decides to go all out barking (ahem, “RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF!!!……..RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF!” maddeningly identical intervals of 5, followed by an ever so brief pause, over and over and over – CLEARLY THIS DOG IS AN INSANE ROBOT) at 1:00am, only to be joined by another dog a yard or two away with a more uneven “ROWLF….ROWLF………ROWLF” cadence (it appears this dog’s more uneven response illustrates that it is capable of thought and discernment, and I have determined that – if possible – this larger sounding, likely more useful dog is on my side, telling the other yapper to shut up OH WHO IS INSANE NOW?!?!).

Yes, we have the Sandra Boynton book Doggies in our house, so no need to be “funny” and give it to A so I can read it to her BECAUSE I ALREADY DO. I’m quite well versed in the different yaps of dogs, thanks.

doggies by sandra boynton

And yes, A is kind of obsessed with dogs (or “DAHH-wuh-gus” in a deep southern drawl like she’s channeling my Georgia grandmother). We have sat and watched “funny” dog videos on YouTube together (what has my life become).

Back to the neighbor dogs. To give you a better idea of the situation (to remind all you animal lovers of the objective realities of this world), this is what it looks like at 1:00am WHEN I JUST NEED SOME SLEEP, FOR THE LOVE:


Added to that reality, the way our backyards come together forms a sort of giant misshapen asterisk so I can’t tell for certain which house is home to the offending canines… but MY identity would be glaringly obvious if I decided to, say, scream out of the bedroom window or catapult poison medieval-style in the direction of the barks… which seemed like an awesome idea earlier this week IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SLEEPING HOURS.

Upon the advice of (my own) counsel (to myself), any details on any sort of resolution/closure to this situation/crisis will likely be vague., so please don’t hold your breath for a Part Two to this saga.

the mess we make of things

This is the massive (for these parts) bass I caught with my spiffy new pole and the powers of my brain last weekend.


It was probably 15 pounds because it’s been a fair amount of time since I’ve lifted weights and you weren’t there to weigh it.

This is what ensued shortly afterwards, as I endeavored to remedy an ever so slight loopy tangle on my reel. Yes, I continued pulling the line out despite the wind making a greater mess of said line that was all over the dock, and while the husband urged me to just cut the line and let it go, and while I insisted that no, this is actually fun for me – I love a good challenge.


I didn’t know you can add line to a reel by tying a knot – I thought you had to start over. So I’m pretty sure that after cutting the line in 10 different places (MESS), I have about 20 yards max left.

But seriously, it was fun. And no, you can’t see the photo of the husband’s big catch (biggest of a dozen or so), because this isn’t his blog and comparison is the thief of joy and I would have caught more but was indisposed with the aforementioned situation, so there’s that.




grown-up dates

Is it not incomprehensibly odd that one can go from being a rather carefree, spontaneous dreamer and planner and goer-onner of dates, dates that didn’t seem to require a whole lot of preparation, time, or money….. to getting tired just thinking of going down the babysitter list, much less planning and executing a one-on-one hangout with one’s favorite person?

Asking for a friend. Who is very tired.

But seriously. Am I viewing the past with too many warm fuzzies? Perhaps. Or is this just how it is, life with more wrinkles? With a kid? With a husband? Can I find a way to blame Trump for this? I shall try.

Between being physically and mentally spent at the end of the day, oftentimes the last thing I want to do is get gussied up, wear uncomfortable shoes (that is, anything besides no shoes or flip flops), put the baby to bed, brief the babysitter, spend entirely too much money on mediocre food, worry the baby has woken up and the babysitter can’t get her back to sleep, oh and try to be engaging and perky and maintain lively conversation when what sounds most enticing is a bottle of red wine and a tub of cookie dough allll to myself, comfy PJs, and falling asleep watching a movie?!

Sure, we go out. But I have to drink a substantial amount of coffee in the afternoon if there is any hope that I don’t crash before 8pm. And going out for a drink seems kinda pointless when we can drink at home for much, much cheaper (cue yet another rant at these prices these days while looking at the menu). I am sometimes brave enough to google these things to get some inspiration so it’s not just another dinner date, but am usually so apathetic and exhausted after reading through these chipper young’uns’ posts and their endless energy that I need to take a nap.

I SHALL NOT let this be the rest of adulthood, SO HELP ME. Therefore, be it resolved, instead of feeling like I’m starting from scratch/exhaustion every time it’s time to plan a date, double date, party, what have you, I’m going to make a LIST. And I’m going to share it with you, because SURELY I’m not the only one?? And I need your help. Austin-centric ideas are very much appreciated, but if you have any fun date ideas whatsoever, would you please shoot me a note or write in the comments?

Here are some ideas I’d like to try soon:

  • Nighttime kayaking on Town Lake
  • Movie matinee (daytime, so I don’t fall asleep, duh)
  • Come up with our own bucket list
  • Paint at one of those painting places
  • Segway tour and not fall off
  • Drive-in movie
  • Help out with social times at a nursing home
  • Obnoxious duck tour and get really into using the duck call
  • Progressive food trailer dinner
  • Third Thursdays (are free!) at the Blanton Museum
  • Takeout/picnic in a nearby park
  • Brewery tour
  • Winery trip
  • Improv comedy show
  • Friday night high school football game (letter jacket optional)
  • Two-stepping at Broken Spoke
  • Swing dance lessons at the Texas Federation of Womens Clubs Mansion (ahem, where we got married!)
  • Pay attention to stars, comets, meteors and go stargazing somewhere hilly
  • Austin Symphony
  • Take a community class through ACC

What about you?? Anything to add to my meager list above??

stay in your lane.

I thoroughly enjoy helping other people stay on track. I was an impeccable teacher’s pet/tattle tale back in my day and I’ve carried those tendencies with me into adulthood. The whole log-in-my-eye-speck-in-your-eye-concept was so confusing to me growing up. Um, Bible? That is backwards: all these other people have the planks, and – lucky me! – I actually don’t have any specks.

Ahem. I’m really fun to live with.

There is a rather busy intersection between our home and all the things, and it is IMPERATIVE, I TELL YOU, to be paying attention to get through the light – especially the left turn lanes – in a timely fashion. To be fair, a number of people (cough myself included sometimes cough) often languish in their cars, distracted by a cell phone, a screaming child in the backseat, what have you, and miss the light.

BUT NOT TODAY. Emily the Alert One was at the wheel, judging all nearby drivers who were not on their game (bad Austin driver post some other time, trust me). So I was in my lane, set to head straight through the light (it was red). I was next to a car in the left-turn-only lane (green light) and this lady was immersed in her smart phone for a good while. All the cars in front of her had gone, we’re talking a good 6 car lengths between her and the intersection. And she just sat there.

Being the hyper-vigilant human I happened to be at the moment, I laid on my horn AND I WASN’T EVEN BEHIND HER (Translation: my ability to get to where I was going was in no way affected by her). Oh yeah, and no one was behind her. She, startled, looked up and sped through the intersection, barely making the by-this-time-it-was-yellow light.

Maybe she was grateful, but I was dumbfounded. At myself. Sure, I’ve laid on the horn plenty of times to get people moving and don’t feel at all bad about it (the uncannily palpable incompetency of Austin drivers WILL be a future post, ok?! Can’t deal today!). But this? Someone in another lane? The phrase “stay in your lane” hung over my head the rest of that drive and I felt like I’d reached a new low in getting involved in other people’s business.

Garage sale sign taker-downer? Other lanes of traffic honker atter? Do we see a pattern, friends?! Emily, stay in your lane, please.

And everyone said, “Amen.”

A Fresh Start

This blog has been a long time coming. Mostly delayed because I couldn’t come up with a title that cleverly encompasses all this blog will likely entail: thoughts on motherhood, gratitude, America, photography, healthy living, iced tea, marriage, God, good books, Texas, and the like. I blogged here for a bit, but there’s something so lovely about a fresh start, isn’t there?

Ahem. My name is Emily. Here’s a little bit about me. Welcome to What Emily Posts!

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