Things DST stands for…

giphytired baby


Do you hear that collective groan that’s been low grade non-stop since last Sunday? The one often audible early in the morning, again when it gets dark, and oh – ALL THE TIME when there are kids in the house?

Yes, it’s that time of year:


Dang Sick of This.

Delirious Stress Tantrums.

Daylight Saving Time.

I’ve talked about it before. It’s still an issue lo these 6 months later, so in case you weren’t drinking coffee at all hours like I am, just trying to stay awake because it’s noon, I thought I’d fill you in on life the past week. See, kids who can’t even tell time yet don’t know the difference when we scramble around the house updating our analog clocks like a bunch of pilgrims.

Thank you, iPhone, for telling me exactly what time it is so I don’t have to call Time and Temperature a la circa 1994 to know the time. And temperature.

Anyway. When we’ve finally adjusted to the time change shenanigans from six months ago, we have to start all over. My toddler who was waking up at 7:30am? Now that’s 6:30am and there goes my morning quiet time because honey badger…..

And that 5:30am feeding with my 5 month old is now at 4:30, which just. ain’t. right.

#firstworldproblems my life has turned upside down. I (whom I shall humbly admit has a decently accurate grasp on what time it is, give 10-15 minutes), I have no clue what time it is. It may be 3:00pm, which used to be 4:00pm, but danged if it doesn’t feel like 12:30am and I need to be in bed NOW. And I feel the same all day long.

DON’T MESS WITH MY CONCEPT OF TIME!! (Seriously, go read my old blog post linked above – it’s insane that we aren’t doing this to help farmers out, the thinking I’d employed to console myself during these trying times in years past.)

And I’m still serious about being one of those dear souls who camps out at the Texas Capitol next session in full-on patriot mode when the bill to do away with DST is heard in committee. Anyone else want to join?!?!?!?! I’m so serious.

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