Avoiding Halloween

Y’all. I don’t like Halloween. Come at me, bro. Call it brainwashing from an early age. And THESE ARE SCARY TIMES. And I can’t watch scary movies without being traumatized for the next 7+ years. And my grandmother passed away on 10/31 seven years ago. And it was a little weird that the Catholic school and a church I attended when I was a kid both had haunted houses (going into a dark room, feeling “eyeballs” (peeled grapes) and “guts” (spaghetti noodles) WHAT THE HELL). And maybe I was left out of some dumb high school Halloween party so I associate the day with being left out (I don’t know – I’m just grasping at straws at this point).

So, given all that, I’m not exactly thrilled about celebrating with my kids. POINT FOR EMILY: this year, neither kid dressed up for Halloween*. This is a true statement. But to elaborate (and give reason for showing off my two perfect children), Annelise dressed up for “costume day” at her preschool on 10/30, and Pace dressed up for “document that he had a Halloween costume” on 11/2. My mom bought the costumes (so I didn’t have to contribute $$ to this lame holiday) and BONUS: they are really just pajamas with hats.

We weren’t total Scrooges: we put out a bucket filled with candy with a note that the baby is sleeping and to please take some candy and leave some for the other kids. It was rainy and we didn’t hear much activity outside, but after a decently short amount of time, Tim checked and all the candy was gone. WE WILL SHOW YOU, GREEDY LITTLE CHILDREN. Light off, sign gone, bucket back in house, and oh yeah, we still have a ton of candy we were going to refill the bucket with, so please come over and you can take some. Please.

Without further ado (it’s ado, people. Not adieu. I digress), may I present my aforementioned perfect children!

Pace’s best impression of a roaring lion:


Pace the more mild-mannered lion:


Annelise as Little Miss Sunshine. The tutu is because it helps her twirl better, she says.


The sun hat was not as fun to wear, so it lasted a total of 2 minutes the entire day.


So for all my apathy/dislike for Halloween, I totally make up for it in the Christmas holiday, SO GET READY. Annelise is already learning Christmas carols. It’s gonna be LIT.


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