residential bulk collection

This week is residential bulk collection week in our neighborhood. We were told to put the appropriate-to-dispose-of items on our curb by 6:00am Monday, and that the items would be picked up by the end of the week. I’m pretty sure that Austin Resource Recovery is waiting a couple of days to let everyone pilfer through everyone else’s junk before they haul stuff off, though. Geniuses.

It’s like a free Round Top Antiques Festival… okay not really. It’s like city-sanctioned dumpster diving, minus the putrid garbage smell.

All our curbside junk has been hauled off by treasure hunters, and we’ve been making the rounds on our morning walks to scout out what’s still available. We see lots of trucks and trailers hauling what looks like really good stuff!

It makes me want to go back to a bartering system. Trade you 2 dozen eggs for a moccasin pouch! (Alas, if only my life had more use for the skills I learned at Pioneer Day Camp. Cue minor freak out because I can’t find the beloved camp I went to in Houston back in the 90’s. How will A learn to make thread out of cotton? And make bullets at a campfire? And make lye soap and candles and track game and sew moccasin pouches, for the love?!?!) Ahem.

trash pickup1This, though, hasn’t been picked up by the treasure hunters yet. Purrrfect scratching post for Kitty Meow Meow’s play room, yes?


trash pickup2 Random odds and ends that resourceful people who don’t shop at Target for their every need (not me) could use to create something cool.

I need to find out when other* neighborhoods (you know who you are) are having their bulk collection weeks, and drive through in Tim’s truck to pick up the rejects. Who’s with me?!?!

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